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I create digital businesses. I love to listen and am keen to talk about your digital business. Let's meet for a coffee (my shout).
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I create digital businesses

With new technologies emerging every day, it can be hard to figure out what’s what. That’s where I step in. I help to figure out which digital solutions are right for your business – solutions that will bring sustained business growth and make real impact.


Building your digital business starts with knowing your people. This is a stage of discovery, where I dive in and really get to know your business. I look at macro and micro trends, uncover human truths and reach an insightful “aha” moment that guides and informs your digital strategy.


Digital strategy is at the core of what I do. This typically involves creating a digital vision, developing a strategic framework, setting key priorities, plotting a digital roadmap and writing actionable plans.


I take an expansive approach to experience design. I zoom right out and take a look at how people experience your business, how they interact across channels and what they expect from their interactions. Then I zoom back in and make sure that every touch point is improving your engagement with them and their experience with you. This typically involves techniques such as journey mapping and channel planning.


I take great pride in facilitating a seamless transition from strategy and design through to implementation. Here I set out project plans, allocate funds and set timings. I pull in a smart team of professionals, the likes of designers, developers, technicians and engineers. Step by step, adopting a phased approach, we work together to ensure digital success for your business.






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Digital business consulting is not about the technologies. It’s about deeply understanding people, solving problems in innovative ways, and creating meaningful digital experiences. The technologies are just enablers of sustained business growth.


About Kiah / Kiah Worling

I’ve always had an interest in technology and love creating digital businesses. I’ve successfully completed a Bachelor in Design (Interior Design, Visual Culture) and a Masters in Business (Marketing). I thrive on solving complex problems and genuinely enjoy helping businesses succeed in the digital world.

In my early working years, I found myself torn between creativity and logic, never quite sure how to merge the two. I wove in and out of dance studios and law firms, one part creative, the other practical. In more recent years, I’ve been able to combine the two. I discovered digital business by landing a project management role in a top creative agency. I’ve developed insight-driven, executable digital strategies for leading brands, created interactive experiences that have produced real business impact, and managed innovative projects with disciplined execution. I’ve been responsible for the end-to-end delivery of apps, sites, landing pages, display ads, and email, mobile and social campaigns. My work has been recognised at a number of major global awards shows including Effies, New York Festivals, AWARD, Facebook Studio and Spikes Asia.

My experience has been with small, medium and large businesses in the finance, insurance, government, property, entertainment, hospitality, tourism, retail and automotive industries. I simply thrive on digitising all kinds of businesses and am always open to something new.

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I believe in creating innovative solutions embedded in people’s needs. This involves a deep understanding of people, looking for inspiration in unexpected places, and experimenting until we find a solution that makes a real impact.


I believe in a holistic approach to analysing your digital business. I look at how all the parts of your business relate to each other, how these are linked and how they impact each other. I consider how improving one part of your business will affect another. I look at how the parts need to work together for your digital business to function successfully. Nothing in isolation, everything as a whole.


I believe in introducing many small, gradual changes to a project. This means designing, implementing and testing incrementally (adding a little more each time) until we reach our goal. This keeps us nimble and responsive, adapting as we learn, improving as we go.


Kiah is incredibly enthusiastic, professional and innovative in her approach. She has been fundamental in assisting us to create a website that perfectly reflects our brand and mission. Kiah not only created a site that aligned with our branding, she created a far better customer experience and was essential in ensuring all parts of our business worked seamlessly together online.
Mandy Wurth

Kiah built my website from the ground up and I am delighted truly with the outcome. From the planning stage, through to the building stage, right through to the ongoing service she provides in maintaining my site, it has been a first class experience! She has also helped me grow my business from a social media point of view. Kiah’s number one strength is in the ever important digital space, which I certainly find overwhelming, and having her assistance has saved me oodles of time so I can focus on developing other parts of my business. I definitely recommend her for anyone seeking a cutting edge website or wanting help from a social media perspective.
Paul Eaton

Kiah is not only an exceptionally talented strategist but also her ability to understand the needs of clients and their customers has consistently delivered forward thinking marketing solutions.
Rob Hudson

In a fast paced environment, I have always been able to trust and rely on Kiah to deliver. Kiah managed multiple enterprise level projects always ensuring time, cost, quality and the strategic direction was never compromised. Kiah did this with a continued smile on her face, ensuring she got the most out of the teams she managed and others around her. Kiah has an amazing attention to detail and a unique ability to simplify complex situations into actionable deliverables.
Clint Halket

I was fortunate to work with Kiah within the Planning team at GPY&R and she always got under the skin of briefs exceptionally well. Kiah had a knack of asking the right questions, encouraging teams to think about the problems faced and find the best possible answers to meet objectives. She is an asset to any team.
Chris Platt

Kiah is a dedicated, smart and passionate professional. She is a highly capable producer who is able to understand the big picture and works efficiently to get the job done.
Jason Kibsgaard

Kiah is one of the most enthusiastic, organised and thorough team members I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her understanding and ownership of tasks is second to none and she shows great initiative and commitment to getting results.
Wayne Vickers

I worked with Kiah for a few years at ClarkeKann, I found her to be one of the brightest, dynamic people in the IT field. Kiah initiated, managed and executed IT projects that contributed greatly to the performance of our team. Definitely someone I would hire and recommend.
Daniel Lipscomb

Kiah is a highly skilled communicator, self motivated and well trained IT professional. She has a healthy desire to succeed in any professional challenge set for her. She is a person of integrity and good character who was well liked by her work colleagues and management. I strongly recommend her IT services, friendly personality and good character to anyone looking to employ a person with those qualities and her credentials.
Michael Sparksman

Kiah is an excellent person to have involved in any organisation. In the time I knew Kiah she was hard-working and smart-working, she showed excellent initiative and produced work of a very high standard.
Jeff Buchanan


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