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Kiah Worling

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A Day With Kiah – Kiah Worling
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Let’s be honest.

Systems and automation stuff ain’t sexy and are rarely something that’s placed on the top of your to-do list, right?

Buy my day to get your systems stuff sorted by a self-confessed uber-nerd who works at lightning speed

In a way, smooth systems aren’t too different from healthy eating.

Hear me out here.

You may think about a healthy diet as simply eating lots of fruit and vegetables. Sure, it makes an impact, but so does making a meal plan each week, prepping and eating most of your meals at home, and making water your drink of choice.

In business and systems, it’s not too different. Sure, you can do all the thinking – the question is, will you do the work?

Oh I get it, it’s can be tricky to find the time to streamline and automate things while you’re wearing all the hats… keeping your business running, keeping the dollars rolling in and making sure your customers are delighted.

But if all that effort results in very little reward, and you’re burning the candle to get it all done, you’ll eventually burn out.

Truth is, systems have the ability to set you free, and will unlock a life for you with more ease, more white space to step into the visionary that you are, without you getting absorbed into the vortex of admin, second-handling emails, and *manually* doing things you know you shouldn’t.

Imagine, being able to enjoy holidays sans biz interruptions. And getting paid while relaxing in the sunshine beside the sea.

Sounds dreamy, right? Well, you’re in luck.

Hi, I’m Kiah

I’m a certified tech and systems nerd, who also speaks human and has a social life 😉

After working with hundreds of overwhelmed, stressed-out business owners, I know the “oh sh*t!” place preetttty well. Let’s see if I can help you out.

A Day With Kiah - Kiah Worling

Fact is, I know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to this stuff, and I know you’re not going to find your way to smooth systems glory if you’re phat out of luck in having the time or energy to do it all yourself. And that’s exactly why I created…

A Day With Kiah

Because whether you’ve got a hot digi-mess to declutter, a sales funnel to automate, a new digital product to launch… or maybe just want to dedicate a whole dang day to getting on top of your tech game… the good news is, you can have my full love and attention for a whole digi-day.

Working with me for a day is designed to have a specific focus in mind.

Some examples of what we can achieve in a day include:

  • A declutter of your digital world: we’ll start with an audit of your virtual workspace, followed by systematically reorganising your files, passwords, emails, bookmarks [and more] to create more mental space for what’s important to you.
  • A full suite of email templates or email sequence: save yourself hours of mental overwhelm and bring your email marketing strategy to the centre of your business with a full suite email templates for your service-based or product-based biz, all set up for you and ready to fire even while drink wine with your friends on Fridays.
  • A new or improved sales funnel: aka your sales person working 24/7/365. Hello making more money more easily – be it with a new product or an existing one that you want to make easier for people to buy.
  • A new or improved process for enquiries: that knocks out the hours of to-ing and fro-ing, and instead, arms you [and your team] with the info, templates and tools that make receiving and responding to enquiries super speedy.
  • A new or improved workflow for onboarding: that will make your life a whole lot easier by:
  • automating any repetitive-not-exactly-fun admin tasks
  • auto-communicating everything that needs to be said before your new client even has to ask, and
  • making sure you have everything you need at your fingertips to deliver an amazing result.

Plus, you can wow the pants off them by adding a little sumtin-sumtin that makes them feel extra spesh.

  • A new digital product launch: take the stress out of deciding what platform to sell and deliver your new digital product on by getting it set up and tested by me, all in a day.
  • A new or improved website or sales page: yep, you bet. I can whip up a basic site on Squarespace or Shopify in a day. Or a sales page, booking system and/or online learning portal.

Sound like what you need?

Meet Kiah Worling - Kiah Worling
Meet Kiah Worling - Kiah Worling
Meet Kiah Worling - Kiah Worling

Stop letting the business run you.

Here’s what it looks like

Private Planning Call

A one hour one-to-one kick-off call with Kiah where we sit down to find a single focus for the day, set goals and craft an action plan.

Dedicated VIP Day

My undivided attention for 5 hours on the day itself to burn through the to-do list with laser focus.

Private Email Support

Got questions after our day is done? You’ll also get seven (7) days of private email support to ask me any questions about the all the stuff we covered on your day.

Bonus 60-Minute Exclusive Mentoring Call

Within a month of doing our day, you also have the option to do a 60-minute 1:1 session with me, where you’ll report on your progress, receive personalised systems advice, and have any of your questions answered personally for your business, by me.

[Optional] Invitation-Only Offers and Private Client Bonuses

Including an exclusive invitation into Kiah’s Nerdy Notes crew – a dedicated voice note and direct messaging chat [that’s not on Facebook!] where we share nerdy updates, support one another, ask each other questions and share high vibes.

Feel organised and in control, with a weight off your shoulders.

The way entrepreneur life should feel #joyous

One-time payment.

Helloooooo, all in.


4-part payment plan.

Yay, that’s totally do-able!

$620 per month

All amounts in Australian Dollars and includes GST for Australian customers.

A Day With Kiah also comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee

And it’s exactly what it sounds like

If you book A Day With Kiah and decide it’s not a fit any time during the first 14 days of booking, just let me know [no fancy reason required] and I’ll give you your money back.

Here’s a look at what’s possible for you and your business once you book

The Lovely Bec Buchanan.

I enlisted Kiah’s help recently to sort out the digi mess in my business. I wasn’t in a terrible situation, but I had a bunch of half-done digital things that I had been putting off optimising for a year. I knew a Day with Kiah was the solution.

Kiah dove right in and sorted out the flows between my systems (Trello, Karbon, Ignition, Outlook, Zapier & Typeform) and the back end of my business has been humming since.

I’m a firm believer in outsourcing tasks that don’t sit in your zone of genius. And I will continue to outsource my complicated tech to Kiah as I just don’t speak the tech-language.

Thank you Kiah! I’m so glad to have found you.


The Lovely Bec Buchanan

The Lovely Emma Abbott.

As you can imagine a day with a super efficient tech genius was incredibly smooth and totally revolutionary for my business; but let’s go back a little…

Firstly, I booked in for a chat with Kiah – we discussed where my business was at and what I needed. Kiah let me know how she could help, what information I needed to give her and we locked in a date.

Not long after a beautiful gift of cookies arrived as a thank you from Kiah! Such a gorgeous surprise!!

The day arrived and Kiah went to work – she completed everything that was discussed and so much more that I didn’t even realise I needed. I had the phone near by in case Kiah had any questions but basically Kiah switched my entire business over after a big rebrand and it was truly seamless!!

Honestly, I’m not sure what I would have done without her – my rebrand launch day was a huge success and my business continues to run without a hitch – thank you Kiah!!

Yippeee for sharing your genius!!

The Lovely Emma Abbott

The Lovely Amy Sanders-Robbins.

From the moment I hired Kiah, I felt confident and assured.

Kiah carefully talked me through the tech and my platform options (without all the jargon) so that I could get a system and automations in place to achieve my objectives, without needing me or Kiah to keep managing it on a day to day basis.

In the Day with Kiah, she set up a whole new digital sales cart, set up my products, set up the email campaigns, set up the invoicing and linked everything together. Kiah took care of it all, I didn’t have to do a thing. A total done for you which was absolutely amazing.

Kiah is incredibly generous with her expertise, very responsive and a such a lovely and kind human to work with.

Couldn’t recommend Kiah more highly.


The Lovely Amy Sanders-Robbins

The Lovely Jarrah Brailey.

I came to Kiah knowing our systems were no longer hitting the mark since we had scaled as a business and team. I was craving automation, simplicity and an internal infrastructure of systems that would support myself & my team deliver better work for clients, and more profit for us.

Kiah came into SBJ and did exactly that [and more].

She fully transferred & got us set up into Clickup [which our team now absolutely adores], taught us how to use it, optimise it… and more.

A Day with Kiah is worth the investment 10 times over. I’d employ her full time in my business if I could! Her brain and capabilities are worth their weight in gold.

Highly recommend this experience. Thank you Kiah!


The Lovely Tori Packer.

You can’t even imagine what my life was like before A Day With Kiah.

I don’t think there is a word in the English language that describes it! It was a potent mix of chaos, stress and disorganisation. It was quite the theme park – and not the good kind! 🎢

Kiah was so gentle with me and didn’t judge my circus! She quite literally changed my life. And I don’t say that lightly!

Imagine a fairy godmother coming in, throwing some dust on your problems and your new life is uncovered. The best part is, it doesn’t even end at midnight!

4 months in and my best life is still a well oiled engine, thanks to Kiah.


The Lovely Tori Packer

The Lovely Hannah Singleton.

I’ve worked with Kiah for all things tech, systems and strategy – and I don’t know where I’d be without her!

Kiah helped me to navigate the confusing digital world to create email automations/triggers for our online course, manage our email database to eliminate unnecessary costs, and just generally make our business flow.

Kiah is an absolute wizz, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.


The Lovely Hannah Singleton

The Lovely Nicole Ireland.

I cannot recommend ‘A Day with Kiah’ more highly – this one day commitment has revolutionised the way I work on a daily basis.  I encourage anyone considering this to invest the time and effort into working with Kiah.

I have recommended her services to colleagues and will continue to do so.

Thank you Kiah for streamlining my worklife!

Nicole Ireland Advisory

The Lovely Nicole Ireland

The Lovely Jane Robertson.

Working with Kiah was a breeze.

I was so great at organising everyone else’s lives but when it came to my workflows and organisation of my own life, I was struggling.

A Day with Kiah gave me a foundation to start from, use daily, and has grown and become the way I operate 12 months on.

Kiah takes the time to understand your business and how you want an ideal day to work. She works to assist you in identifying your weaknesses and how to implement a workflow that will have you humming.


The Lovely Jane Robertson

The Lovely Bec Kenny.

If you’re looking for clarity and simplicity in your business, I would highly recommend a Day With Kiah!

As a chronic over-thinker/recovering perfectionist, I had massively complicated my business systems and was in desperate need of someone to guide me through the set up so that I wasn’t spending so much time tweaking them.

Kiah helped me to set up my ClickUp & Dubsado in a way that is simple, easy to use and has allowed me to shift from a state of constant “planning” to actually “doing” the work.

Ultimately, working with Kiah has given me confidence in my systems, the knowledge to tweak them as needed, and more time to focus on my work.


The Lovely Bec Kenny

Notice how all the VIPs on this page have different businesses, different challenges, and different goals?

The fact A Day With Kiah worked wonders for them is proof it isn’t based on a one-size-fits-all approach. I know every business is different, and it’s my job to help you find the tech and tools to build a system that supports yours.

So, whether you’re a creative with a service-based business, or a sustainable e-commerce business, and your tech, tools, and systems [or lack of them!] are holding you back, chances are I can help.

If you’re flat-out embarrassed about the state of your business, you’re probably the perfect fit.

And if you’re not naturally systems-oriented, I can’t wait to work together. The fact I get lit up by tech, automation, and systems management means you don’t have to.

Still not sure A Day With Kiah is right for you and your business?

Book a free, zero-obligation call and we’ll work it out together