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CRM. Huh? Here's how to get started. – Kiah Worling
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How to get started with a CRM if you're a small business owner.

CRM. Huh? Here’s how to get started.

CRM. Do these three letters scare the bechickens out of you? What do they even mean!?

Well, let me help you out. In its simplest form [especially when you’re starting out], it’s these things:

1 / One spot to store your contacts. That means customers, potential customers, suppliers, advisors… Yep, everyone you have contact with in your business. To get going, it’s as simple as a first name and email address. Even better if you also record a last name and phone number.

2 / Somewhere to manage your tasks. Yep, your to do list. Ideally, prioritised. Preferably not overwhelming. Remember, you’re only human. And can only get so much done. So write it all on your list and then pick out the top 3 priorities each day.

3 / A spot to keep note of your conversations and transactions. With everyone you have contact with in your business. Ahhh, so nice to have it in writing to refer back to when you get a brain fade.

4 / A way to communicate with lots of people all at once… but make it feel personal… and not spend a fortune. These days, most people call this email.

Clever Little Clue™: You don’t need an expensive platform to do this for you [at first]. The platform is only as good as how you use it.

So, before you even think about paying $50+ a month, do this

Get into the habit of recording all contacts, tasks, conversations and transactions in one spot.  Simple.

Grab a pen and paper and write it down. Or store it in your phone. Or create a spreadsheet. Or use contacts and tasks in Outlook and Google G Suite.

Then practice.  Every day.  Adding every contact… every task… every conversation… every transaction… to it’s own home.  Every single item.  Every single day.  In it’s very own spot.  Until it becomes a habit.

It doesn’t matter where [although electronic is preferred]. Just somewhere safe. And don’t lose it!

It’s about creating a good habit. Then you can upscale when you’re ready…

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