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Kiah Worling

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Meet The Lovely Kiah Worling – Kiah Worling
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Kiah Worling

Meet The Lovely Kiah Worling

Kiah Worling is our Founder and a super kind heart. We love her for her ability to think and talk at a thousand kilometres an hour, simplify what seem like the most complicated tasks [turns out they’re not really that complicated after all] and make us feel goooood about ourselves. She’s the wife of one very hard-working man called Craig and mum of two cute brown-eyed boys, William and Mack. It’s time to shine the light on this bright spark and get to know her a little better.

Describe what you do for a living…

I help businesses navigate the tech maze and put their systems on autopilot so that business owners and their teams can have more time for what matters most 💛 There’s a bunch of ways I do this. One is through my done-in-a-day sessions and another my all-new practical guide to conquering your Inbox. I’d describe my biz as a tech education house. I’m a bona-fide uber-geek and seriously love what I do.

By Wordfetti

What has been your most memorable moment of motherhood to date?

Seeing our boys form a friendship. The love they have for each other. The care the oldest has for our youngest. The adoration the youngest has for our oldest. The brotherhood and the outright cheekiness.

What’s one piece of advice you would pass on to all mothers?

Those minutes that feel like hours… those hours that feel like days… they will pass. You are stronger than you think. More resilient than you can imagine. More supported than you realise. You are so incredibly loved.

Kiah Worling

What advice do you have for anyone juggling a career and young children?

I’d say… be incredibly open-minded about your care options. Child care is a go-to in the minds of many first-time parents… but some children and families just aren’t cut out for it. We had live-in help for more than 3 years when I first returned to work [as our first simply didn’t settle into child care]. That was our saving grace.

Three time management tips you swear by. Go!

1 / Only check your emails twice a day… it’s a game changer. [Same for social media].
2 / Re-pack the kids bags when you get home, so you’re always ready for your next adventure.
3 / Create space in your calendars. Don’t chock them full of stuff at every moment. Kids and parents [and biz owners!] need room to breath, grow, ebb, flow, run, relax, speed up, slow down… leave room for flexibility and fluidity.

Kiah Worling

What are your favourite business tools or apps?

This is my jam! I couldn’t live without Google Workspace, Xero and Active Campaign in my business. But my favourite fun app is Spotify. So much goodness to keep me inspired.

What are your top three ways to unwind?

1 / Listening to music [moooooooood]
2 / Getting back to nature [mountains, beach, repeat]
3 / Soaking in the bath

Finish this sentence. “I wish someone had told me…”

… oh no! Spoiler alert!

Kiah Worling

Words you live by, or a quote you love

Let’s bring out the best in each other.

Personal goals for the year and beyond

My word for the year is kiss. To “keep it simple sally” and invite romance into every day life.

And to own an ocean view abode at the coast for beach living #blisssssssssssssss

Kiah’s list of loves:

My boys
The beach
Fresh flowers
Friends and family
Fine wines
Mountain hikes
Far away places

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