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Kiah Worling

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Meet The Lovely Tyneal Alexander – Kiah Worling
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Meet Tyneal Alexander

Meet The Lovely Tyneal Alexander

Tyneal is one half of Ritual Consulting and founder of the Creating a Brand Workshop Series. We first crossed paths in 2010, thrown onto a big ticket account in one of Australia’s largest creative agencies. It was fast paced and full on. We rallied and formed an unbreakable bond. Our paths have taken us in new directions yet we remain so very aligned. She too is driven by a desire to help busy business owners be brilliant. So, here’s her story and some remarkable tips on branding.

Tell us a bit about life at the moment – how are you juggling a move to Sydney, working part-time and fuelling your new business?

Life for me is forever moving and I find myself riding the ups and downs of the waves as they move through me.

My goal of going part-time in my corporate role recently eventuated which feels really good. It has also been timely as I am on the move to Sydney.

Right now, my energy is split into three areas: growing Ritual, organising the logistics of a move [new house, new part-time job], and making time for myself, family and friends. I find I thrive in situations that require a lot of organising and time management, so I move with pace and with the wave of the moment and just enjoy the ride.

Meet Tyneal Alexander

Your lifestyle seems to personify “an inspired life” – how would you define this and is it really as idyllic as it sounds?

My personal vision is to live an inspired life which for me, includes meaningful connections and meaningful actions. I think once you arrive at a point where you truly understand your purpose, your values and have a sense of the life you want to create and live… then everything aligns and you’re in the flow state. It’s not to say that life doesn’t throw you challenges or those moments where you question everything – but I think just having a deeper awareness and perspective of the whole helps me to move through such periods with grace and self-love. I’m not sure if it’s idyllic, maybe to some, it just makes sense to me and feels like my truth.

Meet Tyneal Alexander

You live a busy life, what is your definition of balance and how do you make time for yourself?

I’ve had a lot of experiences in life that have really put my out of my comfort zone, have challenged me and also pushed me beyond my limits. Looking back, those experiences were catalysts for big shifts in my life. I enjoy staying motivated and being productive, working towards my goals, but I also recognise the importance of just doing nothing and creating space to breath and feel. I think we all get can caught up in trying to jam as much as we possibly can into a day, into a week, and rush through life only to arrive at the next task. It’s a very common way to live, but it can also be exhausting and create even more disconnect. Balance is just about understanding all of the elements in your life that fuel and nourish you, and ensuring that you give your energy to each of them. As soon as one receives more energy than the other, there’s going to be imbalance. Being in good health [mental, physical, emotional, spiritual] is one of my core values, so I put time into it every day, whether it’s an early morning beach walk, watching the sunrise, listening to a podcast, practicing yoga or meditating.

You’ve credited daily meditation with keeping you sane, can you tell us a bit more about what it entails and how it helps you as an entrepreneur?

Late last year, after going through a break-up, I felt the urge to just create space for myself. Not to think too far ahead, make any plans, or even assess life goals. Just to ground and make space. Part of how I did this was going for early morning walks along the beach, listening to eastern philosophy podcasts, and meditating for 10 minutes each day. I mostly focused on “I am” statements or whatever I was feeling at the time. This daily ritual had a profound impact on my life and overall wellbeing. I’ve never before felt so high whilst being so calm. I felt like I was riding on the top of a wave for months. I think space is a big thing and if we declutter our lives we will naturally declutter the mind and be more open to meditative practices. It’s influenced my approach to my work as it allows me to move from a place that is calm and considered but also with momentum as things are aligned. Again, tapping into that flow state.

Meet Tyneal Alexander

Talk us through your career path – from advertising graduate to corporate marketer to starting an instagram account [_thismindfullife].  What was the turning point – what inspire the change to being in business for yourself?

I started my career as an intern at one the largest advertising agency networks in Australia. From there I moved into marketing working for big corporates. Even though I was thriving on one and achieving my goals, there was a part of me that was also doing the opposite, energetically fading away and being very disconnected. After years of operating in auto-pilot and trying to out-race life [as I saw it at the time], my health finally gave way and I was forced to really look at how I was living and what my future would look like if I continued down such a destructive path. Having grown up in Byron Bay, I had always practised yoga and meditation, and was always interested in the mind and what makes us tick. It was during this time that I decided to take a break from the corporate world, and turned my focus to training as a yoga teacher. Fortunately, I applied my marketing skills to managing high end yoga studios in Melbourne whilst teaching and developing my practise [both on and off the mat]. This Mindful Life was born from here. It was – and still is – an outlet for me to share my learnings to help others live a more meaningful and inspired life.

Meet Tyneal Alexander

Tell us the story behind Ritual – how it all started…

From a young age, I knew I wanted to have my own business and work for myself. What this has looked like in terms of a concept has changed shape over the years as my life has changed and evolved. Late last year, I arrived at a place where I wanted to give back, to be of service. I had started a small business in the past with my partner and just love small business – the heart and soul of our communities. So it just made sense to me to use my learnt skills in business and marketing from my time in corporate, and share these learnings with small business owners to help elevate their brands.

Ritual Consulting was born after a weekend spent with a close friend, who had a similar desire and background. We conceptualised the brand together, how we wanted to be different and the value we wanted to bring to small business owners. Between the two of us, we had heard many horror stories from small business owners, who had used agencies or business coaches, that just hadn’t delivered, and who really just didn’t have their business’ best interest at hearts. We both have a lot of integrity and a holistic approach to marketing, so we saw a gap in the market for this type of personalised service.

Meet Tyneal Alexander

What do you enjoy most about building your own brand?

I love connecting with people, sharing my knowledge and using my skills to help them achieve their business goals. I also love the variety, how dynamic it is and how creative you need to be. The entire process is exhilarating – but like everything in life, it’s what you make of it. So I am enjoying the ride.

And what makes your brand remarkable?

Me! Can I say that? [Of course you can!] The combination of my background, skills and experience, it’s what makes Ritual unique – and remarkable.

If there was one thing every busy business owner could do right now to improve their brand, what would you suggest?

Check in that everything you are doing, saying, offering, projecting is aligned with your business values and core vision. This is so important and something that needs to be revisited regularly by any sized business.

Meet Tyneal Alexander

With an endless stream of digital distraction, how do you keep your priorities straight and get everything done?

Focus. I identify what it important and prioritise from there. I use social media for personal and work, but the time is capped. I think you just need to be disciplined and focused. It’s really that simple. Having said that, I am naturally very organised and love being efficient – so I am sure this helps.

What do you think about the idea of getting more done by checking your emails less?

I don’t think it’s so much about doing any one thing less. Emails and this form of communication may be an important part of your work and life… how you communicate. It just comes back to being able to prioritise and keep in balance all aspects of your life.

What’s the best value tech item you’ve bought for your business… that has had the most impact?

I’d have to say my laptop [Macbook Air]. It’s so light and transportable and allows me to work from anywhere.

How much did you pay for your website?

I use Squarespace, so just pay for a monthly fee for the theme. Fortunately, I’ve used a few site building platforms before, so I have been able to do it all myself. I think for service based businesses, like ours,  Squarespace is great. It’s so user friendly, very intuitive and integrates well with other major platforms such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp etc. At the moment, it’s just a landing page… it needs to be built out to include everything I offer. Watch this space!

Meet Tyneal Alexander

What is the best / most useful piece of advice you have received about being in business?

Good question. It may not be business specific, more an overall approach to life. That is to know what you stand for, what your vision is and what your values are. These principles / pillars / values – whatever label you connect with – are your foundation and guiding compass. Without them we can tend to move and operate in the dark, being influenced by what others need and want from us, instead of being guided by our own internal light.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by life, nature, people that are living authentically. I gain a lot from listening to podcasts, soaking up the ocean, beach walks and simply connecting with myself.

Tyneal’s list of loves:

The beach
Red wine
My sister and family
Podcasts and learning
Good conversation and people
Exploring new places

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In: For now, it’s the Gold Coast… soon to be Sydney.


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