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Kiah Worling

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One-To-One – Kiah Worling
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Making your systems talk to each other. Demystifying your CRM.
Troubleshooting a site glitch. Fixing an email automation. Setting up canned responses.
Clarifying your customer journey. Automating your workflow.
Improving your focus. Gaining team visibility. Boosting productivity.
Reducing inbox anxiety. Sorting your documents. Setting up your online booking system.
Boosting your tech confidence. Reducing the overwhelm.
Taking a weight off your shoulders.
Picking my brain… and m

That’s what I’m here to help you with!

Ask Me Anything Session - 1hr Online

Need some personal hand-holding through your systems or a one-to-one boost in productivity?

Book a 1hr online session with me for $160 + GST.

Via Zoom.

Sit With Me Session - 2hr Online or In-Person

Keen to bust through a tech block with someone who knows their stuff #me right by your side?

Book a 2hr one-to-one session with me for $320 + GST.

Currently available via Zoom only.

Returning in-person as soon as global health is restored.

Work With Me

Sweet Systems Strategy Session – $640 + GST

Would you like to be 💯 confident that you’re using the right tools and apps in your business? Then this is the session for you.

We’ll kick off with a questionnaire which helps me understand you and your biz a whole lot better, in particular which tools and apps you’re already using along with your biz blockages and goals for the next 12 months.

Before we meet, I’ll do a solid systems stalk for your business type and industry, looking at what tools are available and the best way of working with them, to identify opportunities that might be at your finger tips.

Then we’ll meet for a solid 2 hours to workshop your systems. At first, I’ll ask a few questions to get a really great idea from you about how you’re currently working, especially what’s clunky, regularly bottle-necked or flat-out frustrating. I’ll also ask a few questions to dig into your customer journey, so I get a complete understanding of your business… before sharing my straight-up, honest view on how I’d be setting things up if your business were my own.

By the end of the one-to-one session, my aim is for you to have a crystal clear idea of what tools and apps are right for you in your business, along with how you might join the dots on making these systems talk to each other… plus how to prioritise your spend [time and dollars] to get your systems humming.

After the session, I’ll send you a solid recap so that you have a tailor-made roadmap at your finger tips to blissfully grow your digi-business.

Currently available via Zoom only. Returning in-person as soon as global health is restored.

Or if you’re really keen to crack the code to digi-bliss in your business… I can tailor a half day or full day session to meet your needs.

Not sure which of my sessions is right for you or want something tailor-made?  Book in a quick call today and we’ll get the ball rolling.

All amounts in Australian Dollars.


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