The Digi-Bliss Starter / Free Training

The free, 3-day byte-size pop-up program to get your tech sorted and your life simplified.

Kiah Worling

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The free, 3-day byte-size pop-up program to get your tech sorted and your life simplified – Kiah Worling
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The free, 3-day byte-size pop-up program to get your tech sorted and your life simplified.

Apps and systems. Two things you know your business needs to uplevel, but the thought of it? Makes you want to crumble.

You cannot remember the last time your Inbox hit zero, your to-do list is scattered on more than two platforms, and your documents? Everywhere.

Digi-wannabe, you’re in the right place.

Back by popular demand, Kiah Worling [uber-geek and techxpert] will be dropping her tech, systems and productivity secrets in a 3-day byte-size pop-up program. The goal?

To help small businesses tick off the major productivity hacks and systems simplification tactics in their own time, with clear and engaging instructions delivered exactly where they like to receive content: Facebook and their inbox.

Over 3 days, Kiah will send you byte-size tips and tricks to streamline everything from your emails, to your task flow and your file system.

It’s the life-changing magic of tidying up, tech style. Ready for it?

Back again super soon.

A super digestible, byte-sized morsel arriving in your inbox every day for 3 days.

Completely free.

The Digi-Bliss Starter / Free Training

Who is this for?

Those who want to boost their productivity in high-impact micro steps.

The Techaways:

  • Byte-size tech tips, hacks, and tricks delivered straight to your virtual door.
  • No-nonsense, practical tech advice to help you save on time and make friends with technology.

Lesson 1 / Hello Inbox Zero

The one thing you need to be doing right now that will be an absolute game changer for achieving inbox zero. Every single week. You heard me!

Lesson 2 / A Home for your to-dos

A sure-fire method for getting all your tasks in one spot and prioritised, so you can burn through your to-dos with laser focus.

Lesson 3 / Building A Mud Room

You’ll get the exact folder structure that I use (as well as for my clients) to make my files a place of organisational wonder, including my best kept secret… The Mud Room.

Ok. But, who is Kiah Worling?

Ok.  But, who’s Kiah Worling?

Tech head, game changer, entrepreneur. Digital thought-leader, productivity adviser, music lover, Mum of two boys and speaker.

Kiah Worling is a digital thought-leader and productivity adviser whose mission is to better the lives of others through the smart use of technology.

Kiah knows that your time is so much better spent on more fulfilling things. Like wowing your customers, being with your family, or pursuing hobbies. Which is why it is her belief that you don’t need to be weighed down by clutter, or scared off by tech-phobia anymore.

With a strong background in tech, projects and planning, she unites AI with humanness to advance her clients technical prowess and improve their everyday enjoyment of business entrepreneurship.

When she’s not on the tools, Kiah is most likely playing with her wonderful boys, sourcing the freshest ingredients for a healthy meal, savouring every precious drop of one of her most-loved wines, planning her next adventure or simply soaking in the sounds of her latest favourite artist.

Over technology?
Then it’s time to get a

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