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Kiah Worling

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Digi-Bliss: 8 must-have automations in 8 weeks – Kiah Worling
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Your business growth shouldn’t be determined by how much you can fit on your plate

Join Digi-Bliss to get your tech, tools, and systems sorted with 8 weeks of real-time, hands-on support to make sure you find a solution that fits

Returning later in 2023.

You’ve hit the “oh sh*t!” place in your business

On one hand, things are taking off [More sales! Great reviews! Cool clients! Your first group program!], but on the other, it feels like you’re drowning in tasks.

You’ve got a hacked-together collection of apps and tools that you don’t really know how to use, or how to set-up so they speak to each other…

Which means they’re only doing half the job.

It was kinda, sorta working for a while, but now your business is growing, it means:

  • Inquiries get missed
  • Balls get dropped
  • Ideas don’t get executed
  • Your time gets gobbled up on meaningless tasks, and
  • You’re constantly overwhelmed

In short, you’re at the stage where you know you need to bring someone on board to help.

Problem is, without strong systems in place, it’s hard to know where to start.

Hi, I’m Kiah

I’m a certified tech and systems nerd, who also speaks human and has a social life 😉

After working with hundreds of overwhelmed, stressed-out business owners, I know the “oh sh*t!” place preetttty well. Let’s see if I can help you out.

Meet Kiah Worling - Kiah Worling

Fact is, I know there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to this stuff, and I know you’re not going to find your way to smooth systems glory if you’re left to patch things together on your own. And that’s exactly why I created…


The 8 week program designed to get your tech, tools, and systems sorted so you have more time for the things that matter most

Digi-Bliss is all about working together hands-on, in real-time to:

  • Identify the right set of tools for your business
  • Join the dots so your tools actually talk to each other
  • Conquer your to-do list with user-friendly and intuitive workflows
  • Have your clients and customers feeling front and centre through the delivery of a killer client experience
  • Automate all the tasks you don’t need a human to do
  • Confidently delegate tasks to your VA, studio manager, or online business manager
  • Get clarity on who’s responsible for what, how you can help each other out, and set-up a system to track task progress
  • Make time for what matters, so you get to spend more time doing the things that light you up

Sound like what you need?

Here’s how we make all the good things happen…

In the first four weeks of the program, we map out your customer journey—both as it stands today, and how you want it to be

In other words, we get into the nitty gritty of how your business makes money and the systems you have [or need!] in place to facilitate that in a way that frees up your time and creates a killer customer experience.

Every business is different, but some of the pieces we might look at in this process are your:

  • Website
  • Booking system
  • Email marketing platform
  • Course or product platform
  • CRM

As well as looking at all the individual pieces, we work together to make sure they actually talk to each other, so you can spend less time doing things manually and walk away with a system that scales.

In the second four weeks of the program, we dive into team and task management so you can automate, delegate, and devote your time to what matters most

We start by getting clear on where your time is being spent and what you and ONLY you should be doing in your role. As a business owner who wants to scale, you should only be doing things that are mission critical for the success of the business or that really light you up. Everything else can be handed off, and this is what we spend the 4 weeks working on.

We dive into:

  • Who is [or should be] responsible for what
  • How to set-up a task management system so everyone has visibility on what needs to be done, by who, and where it’s up to
  • How to communicate within your team and with your clients or customers
  • Which pieces can be automated [“Does a human need to be doing this?” is one of my favourite questions!]

The aim of the game here is to take things off your plate in a way that feels clear, comfortable, and in control.

Who Is This For?
Who Is This For?
Who Is This For?

The whole way through the program, you’re getting live, hold-your-hand support that’s 100% tailored to your unique business

Here’s what it looks like

Initial 1:1 Discovery Session

Like I said, this ain’t no cookie-cutter approach. So before we do anything else, I take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your business. We’ll meet on Zoom to talk about what’s happening [and not happening] in your business right now, where your biggest pain points are, and what systems [if any!] you currently have in place. Once I’ve got my head around the gap between where your business is now and where you want it to be, I’ll create a tailored plan of attack, which will serve as the foundation for our work together in the coming weeks.

Small & Intimate Group Calls

Every week for 8 weeks, you, me, and the other legends in the program meet on Zoom to work through things in real time. I’ll guide you through exercises and tasks, ask you to share your screen so I can provide feedback, and answer any questions that come up along the way. While there is a structure to the program, these calls are tailored to the group itself to make sure you get the support you need to walk away with the system that supports your unique business.

Bonus Action Co-Working Calls

That’s 4 bonus hours hanging with ME and your Digi-Bliss crew on Zoom, where you can pick my brain live, in real-time, as you get your stuff done.

Bonus 60-minute 1:1 Session

You also get a 60-minute 1:1 session with me in week 3 or 4 to discuss your progress, ideas, and customer journey, so we can refine your systems strategy together in real time. The goal is that you’ll roll out of the session with complete clarity and confidence in the system you’re building, so you can move smoothly into the second part of the program.

Cheatsheets, Hacks and Templates

Over the 8 weeks, you’ll get access to all the swipe files I use in my own business [and with my 1:1 clients!] to build systems that run on autopilot. Think essential email templates, plug-n-play project templates, tried-n-tested automations and zaps, cheatsheets to take the guesswork out of setting things up — basically any resource that will help you as you bring your systems to life as easily as possible.

Private Group Chat [that’s not on Facebook!]

Throughout the 8 weeks, you’ll be able to ask questions, get support, collaborate, and make connections with the other legends in the group. Because the group is small [more on this in a minute!] this is not the kind of chat that adds to your overwhelm. Expect helpful interactions, genuine connections, and a tight-knit cohort of new business friends.

[Optional VIP Upgrade] Private Access

Over the 8 weeks we have together, you receive priority 1:1 support from yours truly. Whenever you have a question, want clarification, or need extra help, simply email me for unlimited on-demand inbox support. In short, my brain is yours for the picking.

Bonus 60-Minute Exclusive Mentoring Call

Following the 8 weeks, we’ll come back together as a group where you’ll report on your progress, receive personalised systems advice, and have any of your questions answered personally for your business, from Kiah.

Because you get so much individual attention inside Digi-Bliss [22 hours of Kiah time, if you’re wondering], the program is capped at 8 people, max.

That way I can give you the support you need to build a system that supports your business, no matter what you sell, what size team you have, or where you’re headed.

If you hired me for this amount of support 1:1, it would be an investment of more than $25,000

But you can join the next round of Digi-Bliss for a fraction of that price

One-time payment.

Helloooooo, all in.


4-part payment plan.

Yay, that’s totally do-able!

$594 per month

All amounts in Australian Dollars and includes GST for Australian customers.

Digi-Bliss also comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee

And it’s exactly what it sounds like

If you join Digi-Bliss and decide it’s not a fit any time during the first 14 days of joining, just let me know [no fancy reason required] and I’ll give you your money back.

Here’s a look at what’s possible for you and your business once you join

The Lovely Amanda Lockyer.

Digi-Bliss was such a wonderful experience and I truly appreciate all of Kiah’s guidance and wisdom in not only the tech and digi side of business but in so many other areas too. Kiah has helped me realise what is possible!

My mind is literally exploding [in a good way!] after 8 weeks of Digi-Bliss and I will continue to implement the learnings I have gained in this 8 weeks long into the future. I can see clearly, how the practical tools and tips I’ve learnt in this course are going to benefit the growth of my business and help me better serve my clients through some clever automation and our robot friends doing the work instead of me. The tech tools that Kiah has hand picked for my biz are going to save me time in those repetitive tasks that truly aren’t where my value is added. These tech tools will not only support growth in my biz but give me back valuable time to spend with my important people, and that is priceless.


The Lovely Amanda Lockyer

The Lovely Emily Fenton.

As a mum of two and running a business, I was starting to become stretched at the seams. Kiah’s Digi-Bliss was exactly what I needed, through Kiah’s guidance and support I was able to put processes in place to make my life easier and simplified.

Also being not “tech-savvy” Kiah showed me the ropes on some apps and programs that really do all the hard yards for you.

Thank you Kiah for your time and patience for those who are technologically challenge. We appreciate you x


The Lovely Emily Fenton

The Lovely Christie Flora.

I’m all about making life easier and simpler. But one thing that kept getting in my way was tech!

I was resistant of it and I was scared of breaking things so didn’t want to try on the tools out there. So when I heard of Digi-Bliss, I had to do it!

This course has helped me set up systems that have changed all that. I now have tools that support me and make my life easier.

It’s been a journey through navigating it all but Kiah does a wonderful job of breaking everything down and getting you through it.


The Lovely Steph Schall.

Kiah’s Digi-Bliss program was the long awaited answer to getting my business foundations in check, and the start of making my business more automated and streamlined.

I have a self diagnosed allergy to anything tech, so having Kiah to help me navigate the world of CRM’s, platform integration, task management and automations was a dream.

Kiah held my hand throughout the process with beautiful energy, humour and empowered me with the skills I needed to continue the journey on all the parts of my business.

She is always on hand to answer any questions, and her way of teaching and taking clients through the process of tech sorting [whatever that may look like individually] is done with such warmth and empathy and skill.

I am so glad I took Digi-Bliss with Kiah, she is one in a million to have on your side in biz land. If you’re in need of getting your tech sorted for your small business, then Kiah is the unicorn for you! Xx


The Lovely Steph Schall

The Lovely Tess Kilagriff.

I was lucky enough to be signed up to Digi-Bliss by my boss,  with the goal of learning the tech gaps and how to fill them in our rapidly growing digital business. We sell an online masterclasses and program, we had gone from 20 participants to up to 2000 participants in 18 months – we needed better systems. Kiah’s ability to hear what was happening in our business and then tailor her program to our business and the group was amazing. The others attending were all different businesses, across different industries, but the information was perfect for us all. The small group setting allowed for individual questions and it really let me solidify the knowledge and how to apply it to our business. I also found hearing how the same programs applied in other businesses gave me a better understanding of the content. The co-working sessions meant that when I couldn’t quite work out a step in the process, I had support from Kiah to problem solve (this was a game changer for me).

We have gone on to buy a day of Kiah’s time, and all her input and help has been fabulous. Our systems are now streamlined and easy to manage and I can maintain our regular automations  and build new automations with confidence when we release new products. We now have a customer management system that allows targeting advertising, communication and lets us have better insight to our customers.

I can’t recommend Kiah highly enough, and feel her Digi-Bliss course would be a fabulous investment for every small business.


The Lovely Tess Kilgariff

The Lovely Di Foster.

Sometimes you just need the bloody road map! Or at least that was what I needed. To stop going down the rabbit hole and just have the tech road map, a plan that I can follow. So that I could move forward in my business and stop the excuses.

And that is exactly what Digi-Bliss gave me. Not a cookie cutter standardised road map, oh no no no. Kiah crafted a road map of tech solutions that is designed just for me and my business.

I promised Kiah I would zip it (you see I do love to talk) long enough to implement things and then tell her if I didn’t like them. That conversation has never been needed. I love the road map she designed for me. It has and is making a difference in my business.

It would be great to say that in the 8 weeks I implemented everything, and I am done. NOPE, Kiah taught me that fine-tuning is the key and I know aim to do one tech fine tune a week, and I understand that will never end. I am excited that each week my business is getting better and better. I love that!

I could go on all day about how much of a tech genius Kiah is and her ability to debunk tech to easily understandable solutions. She is all that, as you would expect. However, for me the unexpected gold from Digi-Bliss was the peak we got into Kiah’s life and how she juggles life running a successful busy business and parenting to two “energetic fun boys”. To no surprise she has a system for that too… and that has had the biggest impact on the way I approach my business and life juggle. I have stolen all her life hacks and I am very grateful to have had a front seat to see how it works, nothing short of inspiring!

While the tech gives me peace of mind in my business, the life hacks have given my soul a little more peace.

Kiah you are a tech genius, a wonderful human, and a gold standard life hacker. I am so very grateful our paths crossed, and I finally said YES to Digi-Bliss.

The Lovely Di Foster

The Lovely Renae McKenzie.

I’ve been a long-time Insta-stalker of the amazing Kiah, and her Digi-Bliss program came along just when I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never find a solution to my complicated booking system woes, or create automation so that I didn’t have to be all things all the time in my business. Balls were being dropped, I was overwhelmed and I couldn’t keep going the way I was.

I’ve always liked tech, but found myself easily distracted with the day-to-day running of my two businesses, and needed someone to come in, take a look from an outsider’s [very experienced] perspective, and help me rebuild from the foundations up (whilst forcing me to take some time to work ON my businesses, instead of just keeping my head above water IN them).

My weekly Digi-Bliss meetings became a highlight of my week – Kiah delivers the course with amazing energy and enthusiasm, at a pace that is manageable for all. She was so patient with any questions we had, generous with her time, and the live sessions held us accountable and kept us moving forward.

I wholeheartedly recommend Digi-Bliss to any business owner who wants to streamline their business, manage their workflow and time better and sort their tech. Kiah is a wealth of knowledge and a beautiful human being to boot, and every biz could use her on their team!


The Lovely Renae McKenzie

The Lovely Jo Hely.

As my business rapidly expanded, my systems had grown a bit haphazardly and I knew I needed to make better use of technology to help me manage my workload more efficiently. Kiah’s Digi-Bliss program delivered that and so much more.

The content of the course is comprehensive and organised in a way that’s easy to follow and not just focused on tech but also on how it supports your particular customer journey and business development. Kiah took the time to understand the business of each of the participants so that we all came away with solutions that were tailored to us. Importantly, she helped us prioritise what was most important and where we should start. For me, it was an automated system of booking and payment for clients which is already saving me hours and is much more convenient for clients.

In addition to her incredible knowledge, Kiah is a really skilled facilitator. Our small group was comprised of women from diverse backgrounds, with very different businesses at different stages and a broad range of technical expertise and knowledge. Kiah’s inclusive, encouraging style meant that we all received the advice we needed for the stage we were at and nobody felt left behind. Unlike other group courses I’ve done, Kiah encouraged genuine connection between the participants and I gained a new group of biz buddies and cheerleaders.

Digi-Bliss is not a one and done. In the months since I finished, I’ve gone back to my notes and revisited some of the exercises we completed. One of the most valuable concepts for me has been blocking out a day a month and a week per quarter to refresh, plan and work on the business rather than in it. I’m already reaping the benefits of that dedicated thinking time.

Kiah is a genius! And a gorgeous, generous human. Digi-Bliss was definitely one of the best investments I’ve made in my business (and myself) and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.


The Lovely Jo Hely

The Lovely Kale Munster.

As someone who works in tech all day, I deal with so many systems for my clients that when it came to setting up my own I had option paralysis. Enter the wonderful Kiah!

Through Kiah’s Digi-Bliss program, I was able to distill the workflow of my business and put the right systems in place to talk to one another. 

This has provided me with so much more time to focus on the core of my business and provide an incredible experience for my clients. 

I’d recommend any business that is struggling to join the dots in their tech… invest the time in Digi-Bliss. You’ll never regret it!

The Lovely Kale Munster

The Lovely Kateena Mills.

When I started with Kiah I was what she calls an ‘Appoholic’. I had the free version of all the things, but wasn’t really using any of them to their full potential and they were definitely not talking to each other!

Kiah helps you wade through the sea of available apps to find the ones that work best for you – not just the ones she likes best, although she definitely has her faves. Kiah is also super realistic about how quickly all of the subscriptions can add up and gives great advice on which ones to turn on when.

Some of the biggest takeaways for me were not entirely tech-related, like getting really clear on my customer journey and sales process. Without this clarity it’s tricky to utilise the tech to its fullest and Kiah asked some great questions and gave awesome feedback to get this happening. So, by the end of the program I had a handle on my processes, what apps would help streamline what may, and guidance on at-what-point to invest in the ‘paid’ versions to take things up a level.

The support and genuine care from Kiah [and actually all the members!] is what makes it so great and I would recommend this program to anyone who is feeling a bit overwhelmed or just like there must be a better way!


The Lovely Kateena Mills

The Lovely Katia Florean.

I’m lucky enough Kiah is one of my most precious and long standing friends, it just happened one day we were chatting about my business and she suggested to me (once again), that if I wanted to grow my business I was going to have to start putting proper systems and supports in place…

Systems? What was wrong with my text/email/invoice/scribbled-paper-calendar-booking-system I wondered??

Well apparently A LOT! She encouraged me to sign up to Digi-Bliss and I tell you I was more than a little reluctant (scared TBH). I didn’t know anything about technology let alone platforms, automations, zaps, and what-have-you, but I trusted my friend.

Boy am I glad I did!!

I had no idea what my business could do, or what was actually needed to be able to achieve my goals. Within a month of incorporating the learnings from Digi-Bliss I had 5 times-ed my client base, and more subscribers and interest than ever before.

On a personal level I feel empowered because that’s what Kiah does, she empowers people running their own business to take control their operations, systemising and automating tasks so you have more time to do what you love doing in your biz. For me that’s teaching and connecting with my clients 💕

I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner! Don’t make my mistake and believe you can do it all on your own without the assistance of technology, there’s just no comparison when you can get the bots 🤖 to do it for you!!


The Lovely Katia Florean

The Lovely Jess McLeod.

Prior to commencing this program with Kiah I was in a world of confusion. On the cusp of launching a new business that had to be able to scale from the get go I had no idea which programs, processes and systems to put in place.

Step by step, Kiah has walked us through, getting emails sorted and efficient. Getting an amazing filing system in place utilising Dropbox [one that I am actually sticking too]. Setting up a bespoke email system in Active Campaign that means I can be a little hands off in aspects of my business. As well as mapping out my customer journey [using allll the post it notes] and having it all done via pen and paper before turning on the tech. And we are just getting started!!

Kiah has taught us things that I didn’t even know I didn’t know!

It has honestly been the best investment into my business to date.


The Lovely Jess McLeod

The Lovely Melinda Halloran.

I work across two businesses that have no shortage of strategies for growth, ideal client/customer profiles and money management. But do you think we ever did this for tech? Honestly, it never entered my mind!

The tech systems in both businesses have always worked fine, but they did feel a little frayed around the edges, as though they could fall apart with one lost password or broken plug-in. So when I saw Kiah’s program, I realised this was a piece of the puzzle we really needed to improve.

I’m now across the best platforms to work with and how to integrate different platforms without spending a fortune. I’ve always been pretty confident using tech, but I just don’t have time to trial 10 different programs to see which is the best fit, and that’s where we have lost momentum in the past.

Kiah’s recommendations and simple explanations saved me so much time, and we’re now at a point where we are finally ready to implement a CRM for the training business. And when that happens, I will know how to use it and organise the data in a meaningful way, which will be a game changer for our lead management systems and customer retention. Thanks Kiah!


The Lovely Melinda Halloran

The Lovely Kelly O’Rourke.

As a Creative Director of a small design studio, I know my way around creative tools and considered myself to be fairly ‘tech savvy’… Boy, was I wrong!

Within the first week of starting Kiah’s program I quickly realised how much more I needed to be leveraging tech systems to make my business purr like a kitten.

By week 8, I’d not only streamlined my daily work-flow and on-boarding process, but more importantly, I’d implemented a robust CRM system to nurture our existing database, whilst launching a marketing campaign to drive new leads. This has been the biggest game changer for KO Studio.

This is not a ‘one-size fits all’ program. Instead, you can expect Kiah to provide relevant and effective solutions that will support your business. Kiah’s approach to tech solutions is savvy, strategic, empowering and above all intensely supportive.

I highly recommend working with Kiah. The results for your business will be extraordinary!


The Lovely Kelly O'Rourke

The Lovely Belinda Hapgood.

Before I enrolled in Kiah’s program, I was a bit of a digi-mess. Having an entrepreneurial fascination with bright and shiny new tech toys meant that over the years I had accumulated [and was paying for] multiple tools for doing the same thing. In other spaces in my business though, I had glaring gaps – no way for clients to book appointments with me online and definitely no singular document organisation system.

Kiah’s genius is in productivity with a tech focus so she gave invaluable guidance about exactly which tools I needed [and which I didn’t!]. She honed in on the systems and tools that would add the most value quickly to where I was in business at that very moment. As each week of the program progressed, I gained more efficiency and more effectiveness in previously time consuming parts of my business.

In short, I went from digi-mess to digi-bliss!


The Lovely Belinda Hapgood

Notice how all the Digi-Bliss grads on this page have different businesses, different challenges, and different goals?

The fact Digi-Bliss worked wonders for them is proof it isn’t based on a one-size-fits-all approach. I know every business is different, and it’s my job to help you find the tech and tools to build a system that supports yours.

So, whether you’re a creative with a service-based business, or a sustainable e-commerce business, and your tech, tools, and systems [or lack of them!] are holding you back, chances are I can help.

If you’re flat-out embarrassed about the state of your business, you’re probably the perfect fit.

And if you’re not naturally systems-oriented, I can’t wait to work together. The fact I get lit up by tech, automation, and systems management means you don’t have to.

Still not sure Digi-Bliss is right for you and your business?

Book a free, zero-obligation call and we’ll work it out together


When does it start?

The next program will run later in 2023 [dates #tbc]. If you’re keen to get started sooner rather than laters, LMK.

Do I get advice that’s tailor-made for my business?

Yep. This is definitely not a one-size fits all, cookie-cutter approach.

From the moment you join, there’s a certainkind of electricity I can’t quite explain, whereI literally treat your biz as if it is my own.Kinda like I start downloading intuitively.Obvs backed with 20+ years of experience.

And that’s why there are only 8 spots inthe program.

How much time do I need to set aside each week to make the most of the program?

We’ll meet live on Zoom every Tuesday for 2 hours + plus + I suggest another 2 hours a week [or more!] to get stuff done.

* Hint * the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of our 8 weeks together.

Can my studio manager, virtual assistant or online business manager do this program on behalf of our business?

You betcha.  In fact, the mentoring provided in this program is designed for sustainable, scalable businesses.  Having complete confidence in your systems and trust in your team are essential.

The only thing I ask is that one person is nominated to represent your business and does the core of the work over the 8 weeks.  Continuity is key.

Is this better for product or service based businesses?

Both. With so many businesses a blend of both [hellooooooo digital products], this program is suitable for either and everything in between.

Is this just another program?

No.  For starters, there’s no yawn-worthy, pre-recorded content.  This is real-time, hands-on support to identify the right solutions specific to your business needs.

+ Plus + the creative and conscious humans I typically attract into the program are just plain divine – and will become your number one fans.

I’m still not sure if it’s the right fit…?

That’s ok – book a call, and we’ll work it out together.

Questions answered and ready to get your tech, tools, and systems sorted?