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My Signature 8-Week Mentoring Program / The Ultimate Path To Digi-Bliss – Kiah Worling
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Oh hiiii there lovely human, isn’t it time you had the ultimate handle on your

No more excuses. Just smooth sailing systems, a completely zen-worthy digital declutter and personalised automation tailored to your unique business needs.

Think you’re ready?

Introducing my full-suite, hold-your-hand, signature 8-week mentoring program, The Ultimate Path To Digi-Bliss.

Now taking enrolments for February 2021.

Designed to equip you with:

Ok. So… What’s The Ultimate Path To Digi-Bliss?

Strap yourself in busy and brilliant business owner, studio manager, virtual assistant or online business manager… because this is your ticket to a complete unsubscribe from the chaos.

My end-to-end, up close and personal, 8-week mentoring program is fundamentally designed to get your systems all fully “tech-set” on autopilot, so you [and your team] can work on more important things in the business. Things you’re naturally really good at; that encouraged you to work for yourself in the first place. Or have more time to spend with your loved ones, who are sick of seeing you stressed over something they maybe don’t even understand. Or just have more time for you.

The Ultimate Path To Digi-Bliss is designed to not only set you up. But it will also help you understand in simple terms what you’re using and why, so you can make decisions about what will best serve you, feel comfortable with your newfangled virtual home and help yourself out of any future tech-pickles.

I know that these things might be hard to see for yourself right now [#overwhelmed], but I’ve seen countless people get up close and comfortable with tech and I know how very possible this new you is.

Now taking enrolments for February 2021.

No stone will be left unturned in my signature 8-week mentoring program.

Trust me, #yougotthis.

Highlights of The Ultimate Path To Digi-Bliss:

Some of my favourite snippets from whole tech low-down include everything from:

  • Turning your inbox a place of organisational wonder, geared to get you to the ever-elusive Inbox Zero;
  • Setting up, using and sharing documents to your, and your teams, advantage;
  • Conquering your to-do list with user-friendly and intuitive workflows;
  • Mapping, articulating and getting clear on your customer’s journey and have your clients and customers feeling front and centre through the delivery of a killer client experience through the integration of a CRM;
  • Picking the right online store so you can sell your goodies, or your service, with ease;
  • Mastering your calendar to make client scheduling an automated dream;
  • Getting all of your accounting tech under tax-time ready wraps;
  • Joining the dots so your tech tools actually talk to each other;
  • Lots of opportunities for Q&A with me so you truly understand the systems stuff;
  • Personalised, tailored advice and systems setup for your unique business needs;
  • And so, so much more.
Who Is This For?
Who Is This For?
Who Is This For?

Who is this for?

New Businesses.

The newly launched [or soon-to-launch] small business owners who want to get their systems locked and loaded, the first time around. Not just any systems, either – this is for business owners who want tailored, personalised help with the tech that will best serve their exact business needs.

Businesses Ramping Up.

This program is also for small businesses in the first two to three years of the business arena; who might have been okay with the systems in the beginning, but as they ramp up and grow, need to uplevel.  Think, a business owner making their first few hires or handing over [some of] the reigns to a studio manager, virtual assistant or online business manager.  They need a well-oiled system and better way of working that will automate everything, give them back their time, and most importantly, have them and their team feeling laser-focused, confident and supported in doing what they do best with no interruptions.

Now taking enrolments for February 2021.

Not sure if this program is right for you?

Book in a free, no-obligation 15-minute call today and we’ll talk it through.

The Lovely Jess McLeod.

Prior to commencing this program with Kiah I was in a world of confusion. On the cusp of launching a new business that had to be able to scale from the get go I had no idea which programs, processes and systems to put in place.

Step by step, Kiah has walked us through, getting emails sorted and efficient. Getting an amazing filing system in place utilising Dropbox [one that I am actually sticking too]. Setting up a bespoke email system in active campaign that means I can be a little hands off in aspects of my business. As well as mapping out my customer journey [using allll the post it notes] and having it all done via pen and paper before turning on the tech. And we are just getting started!!

Kiah has taught us things that I didn’t even know I didn’t know!

It has honestly been the best investment into my business to date.

The Lovely Jess McLeod

The Lovely Kateena Mills.

When I started with Kiah I was what she calls an ‘Appoholic’. I had the free version of all the things, but wasn’t really using any of them to their full potential and they were definitely not talking to each other!

Kiah helps you wade through the sea of available apps to find the ones that work best for you – not just the ones she likes best, although she definitely has her faves. Kiah is also super realistic about how quickly all of the subscriptions can add up and gives great advice on which ones to turn on when.

Some of the biggest takeaways for me were not entirely tech-related, like getting really clear on my customer journey and sales process. Without this clarity it’s tricky to utilise the tech to its fullest and Kiah asked some great questions and gave awesome feedback to get this happening. So, by the end of the program I had a handle on my processes, what apps would help streamline what may, and guidance on at-what-point to invest in the ‘paid’ versions to take things up a level.

The support and genuine care from Kiah [and actually all the members!] is what makes it so great and I would recommend this program to anyone who is feeling a bit overwhelmed or just like there must be a better way!

The Lovely Kateena Mills

The Lovely Belinda Hapgood.

Before I enrolled in Kiah’s program, I was a bit of a digi-mess. Having an entrepreneurial fascination with bright and shiny new tech toys meant that over the years I had accumulated [and was paying for] multiple tools for doing the same thing. In other spaces in my business though, I had glaring gaps – no way for clients to book appointments with me online and definitely no singular document organisation system.

Kiah’s genius is in productivity with a tech focus so she gave invaluable guidance about exactly which tools I needed [and which I didn’t!]. She honed in on the systems and tools that would add the most value quickly to where I was in business at that very moment. As each week of the program progressed, I gained more efficiency and more effectiveness in previously time consuming parts of my business.

In short, I went from digi-mess to digi-bliss!

The Lovely Belinda Hapgood

The Lovely Melinda Halloran.

I work across two businesses that have no shortage of strategies for growth, ideal client/customer profiles and money management. But do you think we ever did this for tech? Honestly, it never entered my mind!

The tech systems in both businesses have always worked fine, but they did feel a little frayed around the edges, as though they could fall apart with one lost password or broken plug-in. So when I saw Kiah’s course, I realised this was a piece of the puzzle we really needed to improve.

I’m now across the best platforms to work with and how to integrate different platforms without spending a fortune. I’ve always been pretty confident using tech, but I just don’t have time to trial 10 different programs to see which is the best fit, and that’s where we have lost momentum in the past.

Kiah’s recommendations and simple explanations saved me so much time, and we’re now at a point where we are finally ready to implement a CRM for the training business. And when that happens, I will know how to use it and organise the data in a meaningful way, which will be a game changer for our lead management systems and customer retention. Thanks Kiah!

The Lovely Melinda Halloran

The Lovely Roberta Crossley.

I consider myself a curious person when it comes to tech and innovation.
But, when we have to focus on many parts of our business, as entrepreneurs, life can be a bit of chaotic and to keep up with the changes can be difficult.
Between being distracted by routines, emails, CRM decisions and smarter ways to structure your routine we can get lost and overwhelmed pretty quickly.

When I meet Kiah I knew I was talking to someone who is focused and gets things done.
Doing her signature Tech program enabled me to implement simple and clever ideas in my day-to-day business and personal life.
On top of that Kiah helped me to think on my feet and make decisions that are supporting my business to grow in ways that I used to think was too complicated and needed specialised help.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, and honestly this is probably 98% of us entrepreneurs, she is going to bring light and productivity back to your reality.

The Lovely Roberta Crossley

The Lovely Kelly O’Rourke.

As a Creative Director of a small design studio, I know my way around creative tools and considered myself to be fairly ‘tech savvy’… Boy, was I wrong!

Within the first week of starting Kiah’s program I quickly realised how much more I needed to be leveraging tech systems to make my business purr like a kitten.

By week 8, I’d not only streamlined my daily work-flow and on-boarding process, but more importantly, I’d implemented a robust CRM system to nurture our existing database, whilst launching a marketing campaign to drive new leads. This has been the biggest game changer for KO Studio.

This is not a ‘one-size fits all’ program. Instead, you can expect Kiah to provide relevant and effective solutions that will support your business. Kiah’s approach to tech solutions is savvy, strategic, empowering and above all intensely supportive.

I highly recommend working with Kiah. The results for your business will be extraordinary!

The Lovely Kelly O'Rourke

Your investment.

One-time payment.

Helloooooo, upfront savings.

4-part payment plan.

Yay, that’s totally do-able!

Now taking enrolments for February 2021.

The next program will run 10 February to 31 March 2021.

All amounts in Australian Dollars.

The Nitty Gritty [aka What You Get For Your Investment].

Initial 1:1 Discovery Session

This ain’t no cookie-cutter approach. So first things first. We get under the skin of your business so I can grasp all the in’s and outs. Through a Discovery Questionnaire, Audit, and a 1:1 Call, I’m going to get to know what you do now from A to Z. What does the day to day look like for you? What’s chewing up manpower time? Only once I’ve gotten to know what you do and how you do it, do I then advise on a plan of attack and tailored approach which will serve as the foundation for us to tackle over the 8 weeks.

Small & Intimate Group Coaching Calls

From laser coaching and troubleshooting, to the dropping of golden tech and productivity advice, every week we can chat via an open live group coaching call setting. You will come face-to-face with a group of others who operate busy and brilliant businesses, and together, for better or for worse, work to better your tech and productivity game by putting the back end of your business and systems on autopilot.

Private Inbox

Over the 8 weeks we have together, you will receive priority and dedicated 1:1 support from yours truly. Whether it be complex or confidential challenges that you would like to sharp-shoot in private, or tailored advice on how to uplevel your productivity, the Private Inbox option is your on-demand Inbox support, where there is no limit. My brain is yours.

Bonus 1 Hour Private Session

Say hello to some real magic.  Included in the program is a 1 hour private session with me to discuss your progress, ideas, customer journey and refine your sweet systems strategy.  That’s my one hundred percent focus on you and your business, providing complete clarity on the specific steps you need to take to set up your systems to set you free.

Cheatsheets, Hacks and Templates

Over the 8 weeks, you’ll get access to all the swipe files I personally use myself [as well as for my clients] to build their systems so the backend of their business run on autopilot. You’ll have in your hands cheatsheets, hacks and templates that will give you back hours in your day. And throughout? I’ll be right there with you – virtual shoulder to shoulder, to help you say adios to the dreaded spinning wheel in your brain.

Private Facebook Group

Because when a bunch of great humans come together, magic happens. By opening up and creating a space to connect and collaborate, never will you feel like you are alone in this. This is your go-to support. And together, we’re going to create a life that is digi-clutter-free so we can use our extra time, on what truly matters.

Introducing Kiah Worling

Here’s how we’ll roll module-by-module…

Module 1 / Hello Inbox Zero

In our first module, we’re tackling where our stress levels are the highest – the email inbox. Plus, all the basics to getting set up for daily admin, security and seamless, safe web surfing.

Module 2 / Dreamy Docs

Next, we’re building you the virtual space to keep the go-to’s of your businesses toolbox. Documents, cloud storage, files… and if you’re more advanced, we’ll cover the specific systems you need.

Module 3 / A Home For Your To-Dos

It’s time to action your solution for all project and task management in a way that actually works for you. Plus, the tools to use, setting goals with my planning templates and preparing for our first co-working sesh!

Module 4 / A Killer CRM

You’re halfway to full tech heaven! This module is a BIG one where we cover everything email marketing and CRM. We’ll cover all my red hot tips for meaningfully grouping your contacts, plus get right in under the hood of your customer journey and sales pipelines to not only guide your ideal clients through opt-ins and automated sequences, but deliver a killer experience.

Module 5 / The Sweet Sound of Sales

As a small biz, the guts of what you do really is in your ability to sell – and your online store is your default, 24/7, location-less shopfront. I’ll teach you about different platforms and marketplaces, payment gateways, knowledge sharing and course platforms, ticketing options, and the lay of the land for building your website, online store and landing pages.

Module 6 / The Smarts of Communication

This module is all about cutting through the clutter when it comes to how you communicate with your ideal customers and staff. Video calling, IM’s, online scheduling for appointments and how to get what you need through online data collection hacks.

Module 7 / Dollars and Sense

So close to the finish line, and the nitty-gritty of accounting and book-keeping is upon us. It’s not going to be a numbers overload – don’t worry, just a complete walk-through of where to keep your number crunching. Plus, a way to get those names on the dotted line without lifting a finger and make sure you’re crossing your Ts and dotting your Is when it comes to some of the fine print in your business.

Module 8 / Make Tech, Not War

Our last module is prime for 1:1 troubleshooting and finally, getting everything we’ve set up to talk to each other and work like a dream. Plus, we’ll finish off with some fun favourites to keep you inspired, switched off [even though you’re plugged in] and enjoying life. Yay!

Ok. But, who is Kiah Worling?

Ok.  But, who’s Kiah Worling?

Tech head, game changer, entrepreneur. Digital thought-leader, productivity adviser, music lover, Mum of two boys and speaker.

Kiah Worling is a digital thought-leader and productivity adviser whose mission is to better the lives of others through the smart use of technology.

Kiah knows that your time is so much better spent on more fulfilling things. Like wowing your customers, being with your family, or pursuing hobbies. Which is why it is her belief that you don’t need to be weighed down by clutter, or scared off by tech-phobia anymore.

With a strong background in tech, projects and planning, she unites AI with humanness to advance her clients technical prowess and improve their everyday enjoyment of business entrepreneurship.

When she’s not on the tools, Kiah is most likely playing with her wonderful boys, sourcing the freshest ingredients for a healthy meal, savouring every precious drop of one of her most-loved wines, planning her next adventure or simply soaking in the sounds of her latest favourite artist.

Why do you need The Ultimate Path To Digi-Bliss in your life?

In short, because you’re ready go to from #overit to #alloverit.

You’re ready to hit the ground running or majorly uplevel things in your business so that your virtual space becomes an uncluttered, organised dream. You’re setting up to scale big time, but you need a little hand holding and coaxing to get you to the finish line. And most importantly, you’re tired of feeling behind the 8 ball with your tech and you’re ready to get your systems humming.

You want calm and control, and you’re going to get it.

Now taking enrolments for February 2021.


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