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Kiah Worling

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Inbox Prowess: a practical guide to conquering your Inbox – Kiah Worling
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Overcome Inbox anxiety, regain and maintain control, and get set up to scale properly.

Many of us are really f*ing overwhelmed by our inboxes. Email anxiety is the real deal. And out-of-control inboxes make it really tough to scale.

Enter: Inbox Prowess

 What is it?

A sharp-shoot rapid fire overwhelm buster designed to do help you say sayonara to drowning in emails, hello to making the most of your time, and getting more hours back in your week

 How is it delivered

A 12 min guided practice that you can use daily to regain and maintain control of your Inbox #atomichabits

Plus a super sweet collection of bonuses that will have you actually feeling good about checking your emails.

 How to get it

Want first dibs at the ridiculously never-again launch rate? Pay now [full price is higher!]

The lessons, scorecard, tracker and cheatsheet are being prepped and polished as we speak and we will be fully released super soon.

Hi, I’m Kiah

I’m a certified tech and systems nerd, who also speaks human and has a social life 😉

After working with hundreds of overwhelmed, stressed-out business owners, I know the “oh sh*t!” place preetttty well. Let’s see if I can help you out.

Inbox Prowess - Kiah Worling

Fact is, the consequences of bad habits can really sneak up on us, and email overload is only a symptom of a larger issue: a lack of clear and effective processing.

For example, if you’re prone to reading new emails and then leaving in them in your inbox to be dealt with later, you’re likely re-reading and re-handling emails multiple times. That’s a total ouchie for productivity.

Sound familiar?

What you want is this: to get into a habit of processing new emails just the once, giving incoming queries or requests fair consideration the first time you read them.

That’s where a fool-proof daily practice that allows you to systematically and thoughtfully reply is essential. And that’s exactly why I created…

Inbox Prowess

So you can shirk email anxiety, minimise distractions and get your best work done

One-time payment.

Helloooooo, all in.


4-part payment plan.

Yay, that’s totally do-able!

$30 per month

All amounts in Australian Dollars and includes GST for Australian customers.